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Full UK Home Office Type Approval, this speed camera uses in-ground sensors (Piezo and Inductive loops) for detection of speed. These systems are supplied and supported in numerous countries around the world.


With full UK Home Office Type Approval this red light camera deters vehicles from running the red light when the traffic lights are red, and will also act as a speed camera and ensure speed limits are complied with when the traffic lights are green


This Average Speed Camera system has full UK Home Office Type Approval. It is a multi-point average speed system and is the only system of its type that uses a laser trigger to identify the presence of a vehicle.


We are proud of our first HOTA approved product. The system captures vehicles running the red light and records the offence – including the lane in which the offence is committed

Frequently asked questions

The basic principle of all our camera solutions is to measure, distance over time. How this is achieved is dependent on which camera system you are interested in. We have systems which use in ground sensors to detect and measure vehicle speed, we use laser detection on our average speed product and radar solutions on our newest cameras. They all have advantages and disadvantages but with a full range to choose from we have an answer to your problem. Once a vehicle has had its speed measured and confirmed, our expertise in image capture is used to gather evidence of an offence which is delivered via digital systems to enforcement back offices for further processing.

Every country we operate in generally has its own approval procedure to ensure the veracity of the evidence recorded by our camera systems. Most countries ensure there is a secondary method of checking that the offence has been recorded accurately. In the UK, this testing process is governed by the Home Office and the requirements for an automated road traffic enforcement system (as all ours are) requires that any system set up has a method of checking the offence which is independent to the primary evidence and so can support the primary evidence in court. RedSpeed has no sight of any offence data and if you feel you need to challenge your alleged offence, you need to refer your enquiry to the relevant prosecuting organisation.

We cannot give specific prices as it depends on the location, the type of camera, the level of use and many other factors. It must be pointed out that we only sell cameras through ourselves or our network of Agents, as in applying this rule we can ensure the integrity of our systems and ensure they are deployed and maintained at the high standards we impose. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you so please contact us!

If you are in an area in the world that we do not already cover, we welcome any approaches for an Agency. We must stipulate that Conditions of Contract for such a position within our company are quite stringent as we need to maintain our high standards. If you feel you have the right credentials to meet our standards and have identified a definite need for safety cameras in your region please do contact us.

RedSpeed International specialises in enforcement technology using the latest equipment. We have many years of experience in the design, build and operation of enforcement equipment with a passion to help our clients achieve better road safety. RedSpeed International is part of a large Swedish group of companies and so has the backing and resources to tackle any project. Remember when you buy RedSpeed equipment you are not just buying hardware, you get the full RedSpeed International team for as long as required to achieve your goals knowing we will be trying to exceed your expectations at all times.

We are always looking for the best talent and we embrace the opportunity to help talented people to get started in their careers. We are always looking for highly talented engineers in software, hardware, or roadside installations. Skills, enthusiasm, and the ability to deliver is what we look for as a minimum.  If you’re still interested then please contact us through the contacts page and we will be in touch.

What people say about RedSpeed International

“RedSpeed International Ltd remains a very well-managed company and continues to operate a high level Quality Management System that is compliant with both ISO9001:2015 and NHSS8.
The systems and processes involved remain generally unchanged, well established and fully understood.
Infrastructure and work environment at the head office site remain unchanged from that previously reported. Office facilities and workshops are of very good order and well suited to the company’s operations.”
NQA Auditor