Our RedSpeed camera system is based on tried and tested technology which still to this day performs to the highest level.

The system monitors the traffic lights and takes three images as evidence of an offence. The first photo is a close-up of the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) which can then be compared with the vehicle database and identify the owner.

The second photo is a wide angle view that provides context to the offence. Most importantly it shows the offending vehicle straddling the stop line but it also provides evidence that the red light is on and also includes details of weather and light conditions, location identification, and the proximity of the offending vehicle to other vehicles.

The third photo shows the vehicle 10 metres further through the junction to prove it was still moving. An integrated flash system ensures quality of images independent of the time of day.

For the peace of mind of the operator the system the system is wired to the traffic lights and records whether the preceding amber to the red light was on, and for how long. This is a configurable length of time (in seconds) and pre-set according to the relevant country’s laws. This can be used as evidence in case of a challenge in a court of law, and justifies the accurate recording of the offence. An indicative speed measurement is also recorded.

The sensor technology used is inductive loops which gives highly accurate measurement of vehicle position and, in combination with our world class optics, it allows us to deliver evidence of an offence. Once the data has been collected, an enforcement package is created and, using banking standard encryption levels, the package is transmitted onwards for processing at the back office. This can be via a number of different technologies i.e. 3/4/5 G mobile systems, and ADSL or fibre.