The RedSpeed system is a combination of our SpeedCurb and RedGuard products which allows the camera to act as a speed camera when the traffic lights are green and as a red light camera when the traffic lights are red.

This is our most effective camera system for changing driver behaviour to make roads safer and for further details of the systems please refer to the detail in the sections on SpeedCurb and RedGuard.

Digital enforcement from 1 to 4 lanes

One system can enforce multiple approaches

Data retrieval 24/7 365 days a year

The cameras are enforcing 24/7 with data retrieved from site at a user defined period

Single server for multiple sites

Lower investment costs as your camera fleet expands

UK Home Office Type Approval

The UK type approval process is recognised as one of the most rigorous testing regimes in the world

Small file size for cost effective transmission

Only the data required for the offence is transmitted

System configurable from back office

Parameters can be set remotely removing the need to attend sites

Speed detection from 20mph / 32kph

Sensor technology allows the enforcement of low speed zones

Vandal resistant design as standard

Cameras are mounted at 4m with high security locks, tamper alarms and solid construction