SpeedCurb is a fully digital spot speed enforcement system using in ground sensors to detect lane specific position and speed of vehicles for enforcement against the posted speed limit. Piezo sensors are used for the speed detection and inductive loops are used to identify vehicle position. The primary evidence for the vehicle speed is determined when the vehicle passes over the Piezo sensors. The system then waits for the vehicle to be in the optimum position to trigger the capture of three images, which includes enabling the “Secondary Check Method” (SCM). The SCM is a backup method of corroborating the vehicle speed and is totally independent to the primary evidence. This gives peace of mind to the operator that the system is working correctly and the evidence of the SCM can be used to defend a court challenge.

The first photo is a close-up of the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) which can then be compared with the vehicle database and identify the owner

The second photo is a wide angle view that provides context to the offence, including weather and light conditions, location identification, and the proximity of the offending vehicle to other vehicles. The second photo also acts as the start of a calculated 10 metre SCM method.

The third photo shows the vehicle 10 metres further along the carriageway and using the elapsed time between the SCM photos, the speed is calculated and compared to the Piezo reading to ensure the correct operation of the system. An integrated flash system ensures quality of images independent of the time of day.

Fully Automatic

Our systems operate 24/7 with no requirement for operator input. The offence data is automatically transmitted to a back office location.

Speed Detection from 20MPH / 32KPH

All our systems are tested and approved down to 20 MPH / 32KPH to ensure new lower speed limits are enforceable

Vandal Resistant

Our systems have been designed to ensure the chance of damage is reduced. Cameras are mounted on straight poles at 4 metres height.

UK Home Office Type Approved

UK Home Office Type Approval is accepted around the world as a quality standard for camera enforcement technology.

Up to 4 Lanes

Our systems can cover up to 4 lanes in one direction or can be deployed to enforce 2 lanes in both directions i.e. 2 westbound and 2 eastbound

Upgradable to Speed On Green

We encourage our clients to only purchase what they need but ensure they have a route to upgrade if circumstances change.

Multi sites 1 Server

Our technology allows up to 60 cameras to communicate with one back office server, this allows our clients to saving space, time and money.

Multi Approach Enforcement

One system can be deployed to monitor two junctions,so reducing the number of camera purchased