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Introduction: Redspeed red-light enforcement camera systems – RedSpeed and RedGuard -are reliable high performing digital enforcement systems with exceptional detection rates. They provide supporting evidence of violation for the enforcement authorities and act as a visual deterrent for drivers to prevent red light running at a junction. Redspeed system variants also provide evidence of recorded speed to enable speed enforcement functionality concurrently on the same system at a given location.


A review on the use of red-light enforcement cameras was conducted by Dr Chloe Perkins and Dr Rebecca Steinbach with the aim to update the Cochrane systematic review of red-light cameras, (which concluded that red-light cameras are effective in reducing total casualty crashes) and explore the circumstances in which they work. The review identified 38 studies relating to the use of red-light cameras and the evidence presented below comes from a synthesis of these studies.

What does it tell us about the impact of red-light cameras? The evidence evaluated in this updated review shows red light cameras reduce both red-light violations and most types of road traffic crashes which result in injury. Source – Red light cameras | What Works Centre for Crime Reduction (

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