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TASCAR case study – Redspeed RedFusion

TASCAR is the acronym used by Highways England for Temporary Automatic Speed Cameras at Roadworks, for the Enforcement of Mandatory Speed Limits. TASCAR use a network of cameras placed along a stretch of road to record the average speed of vehicles.

A 2016 study commissioned by the RAC Foundation report concluded, “The results show that ASC (Average Speed Camera) are effective in reducing collisions, especially those of high severity.“

Average speeds are perceived as fairer than traditional spot speed enforcement and are a better representation of driver behaviour. They have established themselves as a dependable way to improve driver compliance while minimising disruption to traffic flow.

Drivers approaching a signed TASCAR zone respond with improved speed compliance to the reduced speed limit, steadying the flow of traffic and helping to maintain safe passage through the roadworks. Drivers know there’s no way to ‘trick’ the system – other than by driving at the appropriate speed. This steady flow of traffic also reduces emissions. Road safety spokesman Pete Williams said,

“Our research suggests the growing use of ASCs in motorway roadworks and increasingly on sections of A-road is reinforcing the road safety message, as they are extremely effective at slowing down drivers.

A19 Testos Roundabout – 2021

A spokesperson for Highways England said,

“The work we’re currently carrying out on the A19 in South Tyneside will reduce congestion and improve journeys. During the roadworks the speed limit has been reduced to 40mph on the A19 while we are carrying out work to upgrade Testos roundabout. Safety is our top priority and speed cameras are for making journeys safer while narrow lanes are in place and creating a safe working environment for our workers

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said,

“Speed limits are in place for a reason. Statistics show that drivers travelling at excess speed is one of the major contributory factors in serious and fatal road traffic collisions.”

Latest findings show there is an increasingly strong acceptance of average speed cameras. They are placed to help save lives and prevent casualties on the road. Figures recorded indicate a significant improvement in speeding compliance from the introduction of cameras as the scheme progressed.

A19 Testos roadworks scheme is a 2 year construction project with Costain the principle

Redspeed is the TASCAR provider, using RedFusion Average Speed Enforcement

Red-light camera enforcement – Cardiff.

Introduction: Redspeed red-light enforcement camera systems - RedSpeed and RedGuard -are reliable high performing digital enforcement systems with exceptional detection rates.

One camera making a big difference.

BBC News reported that Wales’ busiest speed camera at the junction of Newport Road and Colchester Avenue has caught more than 12,000 drivers breaking the law.

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